Unapologetically Colorful

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What is Khromophilia?

noun: khro·​mo·phil·ia  \ ˈkrō-(ˌ)mō ˈ fi-lē-ə\

"Khromophilia is an intense feeling of love for all things colorful."

Khromo+philia is a life style shop that strives to bring you colorfully curated, one of a kind, handcrafted, objects for you, your loved ones and your home. We are a tiny 2 person, 2 pup team trying hard to create beautiful things and grow this whimsical brand. Your support means to world to our very small business. "Always stay Unapologetically Colorful."


team khromo+philia


Kaviya (kaav·​ya | \ ˈkɑv-yə\)

The original Khromophiliac and our Maker-in-Chief. As a self taught maker and artist Kaviya is always experimenting and learning new techniques.You can find her in our studio making a colorful mess and brainstorming ideas for new, fun, and exciting creations.

Zorro (zor·​ro | \ ˈzȯ (ˌ)rō \)

El Jefe. The Real Boss.  When not napping in the most comfortable spots or begging for treats, he makes sure that everybody is working their hardest to make khromo+philia colorful.

Spock (spock | \ ˈ ˈspäk\)

Our studio leg warmer, kiss giver and personal trainer. You can find him walking around our studio begging for pets and randomly licking people. He is our resident mood booster.

Guru (Gu·ru | \ ˈgʊ-(ˌ)rʊ\)

Our Computer duster, Keyboard Wiper and Supply Closet gremlin. He is the guy behind our technology and the person to blame when said technology misbehaves.